Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sent this text to myself today

It feels so good to snap. Every day is as if I've experienced a new epiphany. I like being crazy. I like my crooked teeth. I like the way I am. I like raising hell when I don't get what I want. It makes me feel alive. Love, evil, guilt, sadness, and happiness are the building blocks for feeling anything at all.

And these are my thoughts as of the moment. Tuesday I went to St. Pete to get a new wheel for my bike. Now if I could only get the sticker off the rim, sheesh. It really doesn't want to come off. I'm scared to use a butter knife in fear that It may scratch the surface. My thumb nails can't take any more picking away at it, so what's left of the sticker stays for now. Goo-gone, you're my friend. After I got my wheel I met up with Talia and Andy. Andy went to ride bmx, Talia and I went n rode around a fancy neighborhood and looked at all the houses. Later on while in the pool at their apartment building, a band was playing on the roof. We could hear them really well and they sounded relatively tight. I yelled out requests for as many Led Zeppelin songs as I could think of, but to no avail. What a shitty cover band. In the evening we hit up a bar with fancy beer. Independent bar I believe it's called. After a few beers and charming the locals I head back with Talia n Andy to their apartment and we smoked. The drive home was awesome. I love driving over the Skyway stoned. Sometimes I feel scared to drive over big bridges in fear that in an instant something will have come over me and make me throw the wheel to the right side. Driving off a bridge, meh...that shit would hurt. Tonight I will sweep my floors and clean around my house before I go out. I'd really like to go for a bike ride, but it's lookin' a little too wet out for that.

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