Friday, August 7, 2009

Round two of post-Ybor drunk thoughts

I will tell you this. Once in the emergency room I told my mom that I wont learn my lesson until I'm dead. What does that even fucking mean? I think it means this; There is a severe lesson in growing up that I cannot learn. It isn't in my personality. I don't see how it could be innate for anyone. I am Peter fucking Pan and as much as I think I want to grow up, I know deep down inside that I do not. I cannot fathom a premeditated life. I have left behind more than I can even remember in the way of loves and material things, all in the pursuit of a great time, story to tell and an adventure. Reflecting on this can sometimes make me feel lonely and sad. However, do I really want a woman as a side kick? Do I really want to pursue a life where something like money or fancy thangs are of the highest priority? In retrospect a woman to love could not be anything I or any man could tie down and form into something. A woman that I could love is just as free and complicated as I. Even though I don't remember much of last night I know that I'm the luckiest person on earth to have friends that are just as balls to the walls fucked up as I am. Plus I'm lucky to have friends that watch out for me.

Did anyone even watch that Little Joy video I posted yesterday? If you didn't, you're missing a shooting star that seldom happens in a generation. The most simple pop music is the best. To say a lot with a little is something I admire more than my own existence. To have a melody happen once that makes me remember and hear it in my head all day is a godly feat. To have expressed an entire feeling in under three minutes is heroic. Life is great simply because song exists. Simply because it's not so simple. To keep it simple is deep, there is more than meets the ear.

Without further ado, a live version of my new favorite Little Joy song:

I'll write about my trip to Atlanta to see Little Joy sometime soon.

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