Thursday, August 27, 2009


Everythings new! As always, I've been having fun and keeping busy. School started on Monday. It's good to be back. Despite the lack of help from the student services department at the State College of Florida, I've found the faculty to be quite useful and nice. My teachers seem to be intelligent and act as though they give a shit, I dig em'. My Western Civ II professor stood up on the desk the first day of class as if we were acting out "Dead Poets Society." He's got a lot to say, most of it involves the word, "bastard" which is entertaining. I do feel as though I'm taking a lot from his class, kudos. My Art History II professor hasn't jumped on any furniture yet, but I like him just as much. He's a little quite, yet he's not stingy or reserved with information while lecturing. Though I cannot be certain, both my professors seem as though they're liberal in their social views. I'll have to find out what teachers if any are into Objectivist thinking for next semester.
Some awesome music has been surfacing. The new Dear Landlord album is fucking great. We're lucky as hell to have bands like them in existence. Often times I find myself just wanting some soft pop music but lately I've been in the mood to play it loud as they say, and Dear Landlord's "Dream Homes" hits the spot. The sound is slightly different compared to their previous releases, but different in a good way. I get bored with bands who don't change their sound at least a little bit from record to record. This has to do with the production on "Dream Homes." The sound here is just as well thought out as before, but with a higher fidelity on the recording side, as opposed to the grit on the recordings with less capability. Yup, thats what I think about that.

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  1. this has nothing to do with your post but i wanted to talk with you about starting a religion... i can't seem to agree completely with any of the current ones and i figured if anyone wanted to be in on this with me, it would be you.