Friday, August 7, 2009

E-mail I wrote to my friend Brittany

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, and be careful what you wish may get it.

Well those old sayings hold entirely true to everything current in our political situation. Obama said he wants to "fundamentally transform the United States." Obama supporters embrace this idea wholeheartedly. However, to not look a gift horse in the mouth would be recognizing that this country is the only country that gave women and minorities a chance and an equal playing field. The Constitution, Bill of rights, The Declaration of Independence, are the pinnacle of human thinking. These documents give us all of our freedoms down to the core of every aspect of our lives and to fundamentally change them would be a travesty.
Now to apply that thought to the recent government buyouts of financial banking institutions, the General Motors buyout, and now the socialized health care proposal makes me fear for my liberties as an American citizen and a human being. These socialized government reforms reward people for doing poorly and in the long run will not create stability in their industries or society. Whats happening is welfare liberalism, people wanting a handout, something for nothing...or worse; something in trade for debt. The people support the government, the government does not support the people. If the people become unfit to rule themselves, then they will be fit for a master. And believe me, someone will step in and make the decisions for us if we don't. As loud as I can scream it or feel it, yes we need to be careful what we wish for. There are a lot of people in this country that think free health care is a great idea. It's a nice thought, but it's far from reality. Health care is a product not a right. Many reasons come into play as to why a certain person or family might not have health care, which is extremely unfortunate. But to burden the rest of society by way of leveling and redistributing the wealth as to support those who are less fortunate is an immoral and unconstitutional act.
There are many people in this country who disagree with socialized health care and see what a mess it will bring our country into. It will be the death of private health care, and destroy the health care industry by force. I can go into detail about all the negative consequences we will face if this particular government run health care plan is imposed, but then my E-mail would be even longer. Just know this; we've been too reactive as opposed to pro-active in this country. We need think before we leap. HAH another old adage!

Some of my feelings on this issue were well put by William Anderson. He said this:

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