Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can't complain

I am fucking up! As in AWAKE! I haven't a clue as to why I feel so hyper right now. Tonight was spent smoking pot and talking to mi friends bout all things great. That being said I'm usually not feeling like a puppy that got into some cookies, after a night of pot smoking. Actually what the hell am I talking about, I'm often feeling rambunctious. What's stinks is that I'm at my house so I'm using my fingers to wear off this energy. I know I wont be able to sit here for long so I'm gonna get my thoughts all out. First one, I've been walking around my neighborhood at night, it's fun. I'll make a playlist on my Ipod and then just zombie around outside. I saw cops driving around, three of em. They saw me and drove by slowly. I smiled and waved, they looked perturbed. It's fun to be by yourself amongst the houses. It's a weird feeling when you see someone else out at 3am, even cops. I wonder what they're up to?
My sister is back in town. I hung with her tonight, and she told me bout her trip. She and Chris had awesome stories about spending their summer in a van. HOLY SHIT. Lemme get really sidetracked for a moment and say that I made the most delicious omelet ever. It's just eggs, feta, and pesto. I straight pulled that out of my ass in a hot second too. Kay what the hell was I talking about? Damn that's right their tour story's. I had a blast last summer, hearing it all made me wish I had been out with them. Ah well, I'm sure there will come another time I'm stuck in a van with Sam North. I missed all my Rational buddy's and am glad they're back safe.
Lately I've been wearing an extra decoration on my sleeve. My mom would say it ain't no decoration. That being said, I wont treat it as one. I'll end this off without any words.

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