Friday, August 7, 2009


My lucid dreaming is becoming easier to do, it's having ups and downs. This is to my memory how my dream happened and in the order it happened.

I just woke up from a dream where I went back to the bar I was at last night to wait up for Jenni Lin. She eventually showed up and so did Chad Butts. Chad rules. Even in my dream he had my back and is a good buddy. We drove around in an 80's style Toyota minivan with Jenni Lin following behind us in another car. Strangely enough we were heading down to Venice where Chad lives. We passed by a group of teenagers who had caught some grouper and were frying it by the side of the road. I wanted to stop and try a fried grouper sandwich, but I had a feeling that Jenni didn't want to so we didn't stop. This is where the lucid dreaming makes me feel like a total pussy, because I'm usually not that considerate in real life. Well, I can be...if I want to.
After we got to our destination which turned out to not matter at all if it were Venice because it wasn't even Chads house, we went into a bedroom and proceeded to hang out. Jenni had some of her own friends over and they sucked enough that I wish they were omitted from my dream. Chad and I talked about racism loud and vulgar as an intentionally offensive attempt to piss everyone off around us. Chad mentioned Atiba Jefferson, which then made me think of Thomas Jefferson. Then we touched on how ironic it was that the founding fathers believed all men were equal, but still owned slaves. I said "talk about having your cake and eating it too, fuckin-eh. Wait a slave would have made the cake!" Jenni thought this was funny, but everyone else did not. Making Jenni laugh was the highlight of my dream. At one point in the conversation I asked Chad if he had any wheels for sale. He said "yeah, but they're 65mm," which is kind of huge and I like to skate 52's. Jenni was flirty throughout the dream and pissed me off entirely since she was only acting so as to benefit her own personal motive.
When I get really good at lucid dreaming I'll start bringing flame throwers and any other violent weapons I deem awesome enough to fuck people up that piss me off while I'm dreaming. I mean hey, it's just a dream right?

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